About Us

Our little business adventure started in 2018 with a mission of trying to create the perfect melt. We now use a blend of different soy waxes which we believe has given us a great cold and hot throw. We only use 100% soy wax which is renewable and also biodegradable. All of the oils we use have never been tested on animals and have no ingredients from animal origin.  

Environment in mind!

We like to keep the environment in mind and have started as we mean to go on. Our melt packaging may look like plastic but it isn’t! It’s actually made from vegetable starch and is completely biodegradable and compostable which is just amazing.

Our packing boxes are made from cardboard and are also biodegradable. Even our packing tape is eco friendly!

Ben Nevis

We have also taken the decision to not use any glitter in our melts. All of our colouring is cruelty-free and where mica powder is used for effect, we only ever use synthetic mica as it is man-made and also biodegradable. 

We are always looking for new ways to keep as eco friendly as possible so moving forward in our adventure we can make sure we are doing our best to think of the environment. 

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